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My Story

I believe design has the power to transform lives…

where we live, work and play.


Photo credit: Moment To Moment Photography

A Bit About Me

Hello, I’m Kylie…

I’m passionate about design and I love working with people. For me there is no better feeling than inspiring others to be truly authentic in expressing their style and helping them to find the courage to make the choices that lead to real fulfillment.


Transformation can be life changing. I know this to be true as I left my successful career as a large animal veterinarian to follow my passion for design…and I’ve never looked back. As a designer, I give to you my passion for helping and my ability to keep calm under pressure. I have your back throughout the whole design process, from laying the first brick to placing the last cushion. I also have the courage to challenge you to consider design choices that will extend and inspire you!


My passion and natural flair for design has also led me to be an educator in the field, inspiring the interior design superstars of the future to fully realise their talents.

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