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Paddington Terrace


Extensive renovation



Colour scheme

Spatial planning

Kitchen and bathroom design

Custom joinery design

Material and finishes selection

Selection of fixtures and fittings

Furniture, lighting, rugs and accessories layout and selection

AutoCAD floorplans and elevations

Rendered digital 3D images

The design challenge was to bring a modern touch to an 1888 terrace, without compromising its original charm and character. The footprint was typically narrow, so clever storage solutions and savvy furniture choices were used to promote the feeling of spaciousness in the light filled living areas, while layering carefully considered textures and materials brought warmth and personality. The dark moody bathrooms, fitted with beautiful Italian finishes and tapware, gives a luxurious cocooning feel. The old and the new sit together in perfect harmony in this much-loved home.

Photo Credit: Tom Ferguson Photography

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